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Many people enjoy birding but are not experts; yet they are skilled and gain a high degree of satisfaction from birding. Also many avid birders have a desire to bird in Ecuador but feel overwhelmed by either the foreign country or feel intimidated by Birding Tours which tailor to the expert/anal birder.  This is where we come in. We will provide you with an opportunity to bird the rich eco-systems of Ecuador and learn the birds by offering a reasonable priced tour within a comfortable birding environment.

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'Ecuador Birding Adventures' specializes in working with small groups (up to 6) of birders who wish to enjoy the truly remarkable birding that Ecuador has to offer. In a relatively small country located on the Equator, up to 1,700 birds can be viewed here within a variety of eco-systems on both sides of the Andes and even on the coast of Ecuador. You owe it  to yourself, for you cannot be a birder without visiting Ecuador.  We cater specifically to  birders and adventure enthusiasts who are looking to bird in one of the most diverse and rich locations in the world. 

We encourage our birders/photographers to remain in an area for several days so you are not just experiencing a slice of an eco-system at any given time, cycle through several days allowing you to experience the habitat and bird population. Contact Us for more Information

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